We love our Keith’s!



Yes, we Bluenosers love our “Keets”, as we call it. Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale to be precise, although Keith’s Brewery certainly produces other great “refreshments” as well.

For more than 185 years, Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale has been the toast of Nova Scotia. It’s a time-honoured recipe, steeped in authentic Nova Scotia tradition. Even as times change, Alexander Keith’s proudly remains the same: a beer brewed without compromise since 1820. For this we have the great brewmaster, Alexander Keith, to thank.

I went to Mount Allison University in New Brunswick for four years in the early 1980’s, before Keith’s was sold outside the Province, and there was a traditional caravan of students making the pilgrimage to Amherst, NS every Friday to bring back some “good beer” for the weekend!

Keith’s is the number one seller at Ye Olde Towne Pub, both in bottle form and “on tap”.  Cuz here in Nova Scotia…

Those Who Like It, Like it a Lot!