First Sign of Spring

As sure as the first crocuses (or croci), or the first robins, one true sign of spring in Annapolis Royal is the sight of carpenters erecting the Pub Deck. And that’s the sight I beheld as I trekked into the Pub this afternoon.

You see, the Pub Deck actually resides on the street… yep, that’s right, you get to drink beer in the middle of the street! Actually, the Pub is located at the very end of Church Street, once a small thoroughfare, but a deadend street for many decades now. As is the case with many old buildings, the front facade of the Pub is literally at the edge of the street right-of-way and thus there is no front property on which to build an outdoor dining area for the summer. Many years back, the Pub owners approached the Town with a novel idea – rent the “street” space to the Pub through a formal agreement for a seasonal deck. Much thought went into this proposal, as it would be a precedent-setting agreement for use of public property in the Town. In the end, an agreement was struck on a trial basis. And now, probably a decade later, the outdoor summer deck at the Pub is a beehive of activity all summer long.

What a great place to sit, overlooking the Farmer’s Market, wharf and haulup, feeling the fresh salt breeze and enjoying a meal and/or a brew. And on Saturday mornings, when the Market is bustling with vendors and gatherers of all kinds, the deck and the Pub interior are filled to capacity with aficionados of their “steak & egg” brunch… a tradition for locals! But that’s another story, best told on a sunny summer day!


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