A Bit of History

The building which houses Ye Olde Towne Pub has not always existed as a pub.  In 1884 the building was built as the first branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia in Annapolis Royal.  Brick for the building was supplied locally by the Buckler Brick Works, a company which was located near the current soccer fields for the local highschool.   The building’s status as a bank led to a triple brick construction with bars on the side and back windows.  A mere four years later the building was gutted by the fire which burned many of the other buildings along Church Street.  The bank later moved to its current location on St George Street.  Before its current use as a pub, the building has been used as a liquor store, a bakery and law offices.




Fish at the pub

There are new fish in the tank at the pub. Yes, Ye Olde Towne Pub has a tropical fish tank. It’s upstairs in the hall outside the new meeting room (which you must prebook). The new fish are tetras and the old guys are plecostomus and barbs, all happy aquarium community fish.


Since we have been meeting here regularly the fish have welcomed us and we are looking forward to welcoming the newcomers 🙂 In fact we wanted to move the tank into the room…just to keep us closer company, but alas the fish are happier in the hall.

So come and meet the fish.