The Secret Door

Ye Olde Towne Pub has a secret.  Unlike many secrets, this is a good secret.  In the corner of the dining room is a humble set of shelves.  As is appropriate to a pub, these shelves hold a collection of old beer bottles.  But, what is hiding behind the shelves?

If you push on one of the shelves, the whole shelving unit will slide back to reveal a door.  By stepping through the door you will find a stairwell which takes you the Pub’s new second floor meeting room.  This new space is ideal for meetings, gatherings, Christmas parties or other events.  So, why not take a step through the secret door?

The shelves

The shelves


The secret door

The secret door


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  1. My husband and I come from Jersey once a year for Thanksgiving to see my Mom at the Annapolis Royal Nursing Home in town there and the other perk is the Pub!!!!! cannot wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon

    PS:get the Keiths ready (;

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